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Foursquare Austria

Founded in 1993 by Joachim and Mathilde Runck & Team.

First senior pastors: Bobby (Hans-Jürgen) & Dagmar Huber

From 2004 – 2022 Joachim Runck was National Leader

Since 2022 Peter Köttritsch has taken over the leadership

Currently 3 churches in Vienna, Linz and St. Martin

National Leader:

Sabine and Peter Köttritsch

Sabine and Peter Köttritsch lead a small rural church (St. Martin) that they founded in 2000. Since the fall of 2022, Peter has succeeded Joachim as National Leader.

Based on the formative influence of Jerry Cook (US Foursquare pastor) they dream and strive to nurture a healthy church with love, acceptance and forgiveness as key values.

Sabine and Peter have been married for 30 years. They have three grown children and an increasing number of grandchildren.

Our Strategy to Reach the Nation

The goal of Foursquare Austria is strategic church planting and evangelism. Leadership training is essential and offering healthy models of Christianity is critical. In the past few years this has already happened and we are glad, that from April 2019 on our churches are official recognized by the State.

We also have church planting projects in different parts of Austria and are looking forward to many more.

Another strategy to reach the nation for Christ is through arts. “Artcross”- a biennial big art camp – is an important work in our ministry in Foursquare Austria and is worth visiting.

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