The Regional Council - Elders

The Fellowship of European Foursquare Churches (FEFC) was created to provide for the cultivation of Christian love, respect and unity among member nations and their leaders; to share resources; for mutual encouragement; and to cooperate in our missional intent to fulfill the Great Commission in Europe.

The European Foursquare movement is represented by a group of elders, consisting consisting of National Leaders of National Foursquare Movements and of Advisors from various walks of life. They oversee the development of Foursquare in Europe, in cooperation with FMI (Foursquare Missions International). 

Knowing that the unity of the Spirit is one of the strongest evidences of the presence of God in our midst, this group connects twice a year for relationship, for prayer, for strategizing how people in Europe can best be served. The goal is always to encourage, enable and establish indigenous national Foursquare works.

The fellowship’s heart will be to encourage each other as we pursue that call and mission. In that spirit, a charter was adopted, featuring the goals, of providing a context for spiritual integration, identity and ministry, while protecting cultural distinctives, national sovereignty, and integrity.