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Language: Danish

The recent wave of immigration from Middle East has not significantly changed the demographics as has other European nations. Denmark retains a core Christian tradition and values however, only 33% believe in a personal God while over 50% claim to be agnostic or atheist. Old missional theologies and practices are devastating the Church failing to equip the church for effective discipleship and mission.

Foursquare Denmark

The Foursquare church in Denmark is in stage 1 of our development model.

One Foursquare church has been established in the Capitol, Copenhagen in 2015.

While this nation is in the pioneering stages of our four-stage model of development, the local leaders and congregations are cared for, overseen and resourced by a multi-national area called the “Nordic-Baltic Association of Foursquare Churches”. It is lead by a team of Elders providing guidance, care and functional structures and representation to the FEFC Elder council. The Nordic-Baltic Foursquare Assoication is a part of the FEFC region and fully approved by its board of directors.