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Language: Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish

A Fino-Ugric people, with 26% Russian ethnic population, as a result of Russification policies of the former Soviet Union.











Free from Soviet occupation since 1991. Estonia is among the least evangelized nations in Europe with no more than 5% reporting affiliation with a church. Despite a Protestant heritage, genuine faith is rare. A recent poll found 11% of Estonians report warm feelings towards pre-Christian pagan religions.

Foursquare Estonia

Foursquare Estonia is currently a stage 1/2 nation in our Four-stage model.

Foursquare churches and missional projects in the nation which vary in size and scope. Some of these communities are traditionally structured churches while others are house churches and missional projects E.g. a language school and Social action organization Serve The City, which seek to form spiritual communities from these innovative approaches to their communities. Our leaders network and support one another through on-gong relationship and in some cases common initiatives.

Foursquare Estonia is currently in the pioneering stages.  Foursquare has one church located in the southern, coastal city of Pärnu, led by pastors Sven and Karin Veedla.  In other areas of Estonia, Foursquare has many contacts and is looking to continue to pioneer new works in Estonia over the next few years!

Our Strategy to Reach the Nation

Estonia has been oppressed by other nations most of its existence which results in not having a clear identity as a country. After receiving political independence thirteen years ago it is a free country, but spiritually it is a mixture of Soviet, Post-Soviet, humanistic, religious, and capitalistic standpoint.

Our strategy is to present the Gospel in an uncompromising and relevant way, so that people can see the reality of having a relationship with Christ. We are establishing a network of churches who have the same values as Foursquare churches, and together we can reach the small country of Estonia by sending out laborers such as youth teams, various ministers, people to plant churches, and in the future, have a strong group working tightly together with the central church to disciple, train and equip the future laborers.

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While this nation is in the pioneering stages of our four-stage model of development, the local leaders and congregations are cared for, overseen and resourced by a multi-national area called the “Nordic-Baltic Association of Foursquare Churches”. It is lead by a team of Elders providing guidance, care and functional structures and representation to the FEFC Elder council. The Nordic-Baltic Foursquare Assoication is a part of the FEFC region and fully approved by its board of directors.