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Language: Finno-Ugric (96.5%), Swedish (4%)







Generally speaking, the Finnish state Lutheran church is more evangelical & spirit-filled than typical state churches due to historic revivals of past and this would include the well-established Finnish Pentecostal Church. All Christian organizations have struggled to be relevant in society. While they want change, they do not come out of their traditions easily. They tend to look to huge ministries & ministers from Abroad for vision and inspiration while not valuing more organic processes to change the direction of the church and the condition of their society. People are not likely to change affiliation officially from their family’s church heritage, yet they are not involved or inspired either, often attending the latest-greatest thing, but not committing to it.

Outreach is practically non-existent or at best ineffectual. The body of Christ remains an enclave within society. Yet, alcoholism, infidelity, mental illness & single motherhood are huge problems. We see opportunities for leaders who want to reach into society in an unreligious manner to the unchurched to serve and heal. Efforts that target the social issues and bridge people together.

Foursquare Finland

Foursquare currently has a mission to the city of Helsinki. Missionaries sent by Fellowship of European Foursquare Churches (FEFC).

While this nation is in the pioneering stages of our four-stage model of development, the local leaders and congregations are cared for, overseen and resourced by a multi-national area called the “Nordic-Baltic Association of Foursquare Churches”. It is lead by a team of Elders providing guidance, care and functional structures and representation to the FEFC Elder council. The Nordic-Baltic Foursquare Assoication is a part of the FEFC region and fully approved by its board of directors.