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Foursquare France

Founded in 1983 by Michael & Jill Picone.

Foursquare efforts were first undertaken in France 1983 and again in the late 80s but each time died. The present work was restarted in 1994 with the arrival of the Gotte’s in Tours and the Lucero’s in Nancy, both of whom were called to pioneer new works. In June 2004 Dr. Daniel Lucero became the first elected French national Foursquare President and in 2006 the Foursquare France movement officially had 8 recognized churches and church plants. Today in 2019, there are more than 60 Registered Churches and church plants – Praise God for this steady persistent growth in this challenging land in the heart of Europe! Pray for continued expansion as the French Foursquare Church strives to produce fruit, much fruit and most importantly fruit that will remain!

National Leader:


Lucero, Dan & Martine

Dan was saved in Southern Spain in 1982 where he met his wife, Martine, who was doing missionary outreach. They were married in 1988. Since the early 1990’s the Lucero’s have worked discipling leaders and church planters – for a short period in a closed Islamic nation of North Africa and since 1994 in France. They planted the growing church in Nancy.

Since the beginning of 2002 Dan has ministered and coordinated Foursquare efforts in the Francophone nations of Africa. Dan and Martine have four beautiful children: Jeremiah, Melissa, Julia and Marc.

Our Strategy to Reach the Nation

As one of the most challenging nations to evangelize in Europe, France has more Muslim believers than Protestant Christians and new age “voyants” and astrologists out number clergy by 4 to 1. France is the most visited nation on earth as far as tourists are concerned but once spiritual endeavors – like church planting – are undertaken, the wrath of darkness and oppression that is over the country is felt! There is still a deep disinterest, disregard and cynicism for “spiritual” things, which is often a protest to the Roman Catholic roots of her people. Today, France prides itself as being the most secular nation on earth and she is known to battle against any manifestation of belief as the motive of an individual or a nation’s actions. Still a “player” on the international scene France, remains the gateway to a network of very unreached French-speaking (Francophone) nations around the world.

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