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Language: Lithuanian

Catholic church dominates the culture with protestant/evangelicals increasing since freedom from Soviet Union. Still, evangelical churches have faced negative bias.

Foursquare Lithuania

The Foursquare church is at stage 1/2 in our national development model.

A Foursquare Church was planted in the capitol, Vilnius, in 2013 and another is soon to be planted in Vilnius.

While this nation is in the pioneering stages of our four-stage model of development, the local leaders and congregations are cared for, overseen and resourced by a multi-national area called the “Nordic-Baltic Association of Foursquare Churches”. It is lead by a team of Elders providing guidance, care and functional structures and representation to the FEFC Elder council. The Nordic-Baltic Foursquare Assoication is a part of the FEFC region and fully approved by its board of directors.