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Foursquare Luxembourg

Founded in 1994 by Roland and Viviane Kirsch.

National Leader:


Kirsch, Roland & Viviane

Both Roland and Viviane found Christ in a Catholic charismatic prayer group after God showed them His true way through His holy scriptures. After some time, they left the Catholic Church and joined an English speaking church. It was at that time that God put the idea in their heart to plant a church in Luxembourg for Luxembourg people. With the help of Rafael from (Foursquare) Netherlands, they planted the church called EFFATA in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg and have pastored this church since 1994.

The Kirsch’s desire is to see unity among Christian groups and in 1999 founded the Evangelical Alliance and Roland serves as chairman. Roland and Viviane have two grown children, one unmarried son and one married daughter with six children.

Our Strategy to Reach the Nation

Strategies which are successful in other countries usually do not work in this country. Even with organizing great events, hiring fantastic venues, having well-known speakers, offering attractive programs and catering, still hardly anyone will show up! The national newspaper, which is a Roman-Catholic one, refuses to advertise our meetings and our own resources are too limited to advertise ourselves. So: We pray!

There are many needy people coming to the Luxembourg Foursquare church; those who are suicidal, depressed, drug addicted, alcoholic and unbalanced. We experience miracles of healing, but because we cannot go alongside these people during the week, most of them do not continue to walk with Christ on a regular and committed level. We are therefore praying for a home where we could house and help those people. They have been set free but would need to learn how to live in the new life they have found. Doctors as well as health insurances refuse those people to apply for an appropriate therapy in Christian homes of neighboring countries. And Luxembourg does not have any homes of this kind.