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Foursquare Netherlands

The Foursquare church of the Netherlands officially started in 1989 under Rafael Nederland. The Lord graciously blessed the Foursquare church of the Netherlands and their efforts to plant churches throughout the nation including key cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Den Haag.

Currently there are 25 independent Foursquare churches, 7 pioneer congregations and 1 pioneer ministry in our country, and many of those have a vision to reproduce new churches in the coming years. Besides encouragement and support of these church planting initiatives the board and advisors are discussing strategies to plant churches in the other cultures within our country, as well as a suitable approach for specific situations such as city- and postmodern culture.


National Leader:

(Board's President)


Piet Brinksma

In 2016 a National Leaders Team of five members was installed for serving Foursquare Netherlands, following Piet Brinksma who has served as president of the Dutch churches for 10 years. In September a new team will be installed. The people who will serve on the board are: Martin van der Plas, Henk de Ronde, Richard Klomp and Jeannette van Schuylenburg.

Our Strategy to Reach the Nation

We’re longing for a culture in which the Holy Spirit is fully working. Like Nehemiah was building with old pieces of the wall, we would like to bring back old elements of our ministry in the Netherlands and melt it together with new elements that will lead to the goal that God has set in our hearts.

Rafael has a national School of Theology, which functions under the mentorship of Gary Matsdorf, and is affiliated to the Yellowstone Bible Institute of Billings, Montana. All lessons are being taught online right now.

Last but not least, we would like to mention the increase of collaborations with several Dutch Christian Denominations. Together we’re providing an educational program about Gods Kingdom and the Holy Spirit. People can participate in this program at the Evangelical College, which is focussed on reflection of Theology of the Kingdom of God and the current elaboration of Gods Spirit in today’s church.