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Foursquare Ukraine's Vision

Ukraine is a very strategically important country. Christianity started to be spread from the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv to the whole Eastern Europe. In the nineties a lot of Christian ministers were raised up in Ukraine and a lot of them went to former USSR countries.

We bring the Gospel to society and believe that God adds people to the church when we testify to them about Christ. Only active involvement will help us spread the word about Jesus as far as possible beyond the boundaries of Sunday Service. Our goal is to raise up disciples who will become leaders with great desire to continue the work of Jesus Christ. We believe that God will help us open new churches and send missionaries not only to cities and villages of Ukraine but also to other countries of the world!


National Leader:


Dmitry Mason

Dmitry Mason is founder of the whole union of churches in Ukraine. In 1991 – after graduating from the Bible College – a group of believers together with Dmitry founded the church community. This community grew into the big “City of Light” Church that gave life to many ministers in Ukraine and far abroad. The church grew into the big union with churches all over Ukraine. For many years Dmitry Mason and the whole union has been in close relationships with Foursquare Family and finally in 2018 “City of Light” Churches Union officially started to be Foursquare Church Movement in Ukraine.

“I believe that the real freedom for any person lies in simplicity and fluency of the Bible perception. This helps us to strengthen faith and accept miracles of healing, freedom, financial success and prosperity in all spheres of our life from God. Each person desires to live by strong, steadfast and victorious faith. This is the reason why we bring uncompromising and powerful message based upon the Word of God”(Dmitry Mason).


Children, youth and young people ministry:Our goal is to help children and to direct them to the right way; support children in difficult periods of their life and teach them to trust Jesus and not to give up on what the Word of God tells us. We want to help them grow in their gifts, find talents and also to help them understand their uniqueness.

Mercy Ministry:Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). We are helping people in difficult life circumstances. These people value any care: communication, food or just a smile and acceptance. We are doing our best to give them all this to the glory of God.

Rehabilitation Center “World without addiction”:We are working with people being in prisons of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and other addictions. The main direction of our center work focuses on spiritual, psychological, social and physical rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicted people, helping change unhealthy behavioral patterns to health based on Christian values; also social mitigation and help in job placement in post rehabilitation period.

Alpha Course:This ministry has the form of free and easy communication. It’s goal is that every new believer would start to understand basics of Christian life and would love to follow Christ.

Fellowship Groups:We gather together for more close communication, talking about the Word of God, helping each other and also for joint service to the glory of God.

School of Ministry:We are starting Foursquare School of Ministry in Ukraine.